Trailer Telematics by Trailer Experts

Data-Driven Innovation

More uptime with real-time data from advanced on-board sensors

Feature-Rich Integrated Platform

Data presented in user-friendly dashboard and mobile app for ultimate flexibility

Sensor Analytics & Actionable Insights

Accurate and reliable trailer-level data drives higher ROI per unit

A smart trailer system that provides you with metrics that matter.

Check out our interactive sensor graphic to learn how FleetPulse data can create value for your fleet.

It's Time Trailer Telematics
Delivered More

Fleet Manager

Built-In Sensors Give You More Visibility, More Uptime, And More Satisfied Drivers.

Easily search your yard for trailers untethered for extended periods.

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Alert: Door Open event outside of normal operating hours.

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Confirm trailers carrying full or partial load in real-time.

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Alert: Tire Inflation System has been demanding air for more than 10 minutes.

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“I see your shipment’s location and can confirm the delivery ETA is on schedule.”

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Maintenance Manager

Real-World, Real-Time Trailer Level Data Puts More Predictability In Your Workflows.

Alert: Anomalies detected in your lighting system. Check to ensure lights are functioning properly to ensure CSA compliance before leaving yard.

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Easily coordinate maintenance schedules with real-time knowledge of trailer locations.

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Actual mileage from wheel revolutions support more accurate preventative maintenance scheduling.

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This trailer is averaging 30% more weight on the bogie versus the fleet. Maintenance required earlier than suggested.

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“I’m routing a trailer to your service center now for immediate attention. It is currently 12 miles away.”

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More Success, Less Stress. Smart Trailer Telematics Maximize Trailer Utilization And Minimize Disruptions.

Receive dwell reports by location to maximize utilization.

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“Please have on-site security check the trailer. We've received a door open alert within your facility's geofence.”

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See reports across your fleet: average miles traveled, average cargo weight, empty miles traveled and more.

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Avoid costly roadside repairs with real-time alerts to maintenance managers.

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Alerts provide notification of braking system issue, helping you avoid one of the most common DOT violations.

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Develop Smarter Models For Your Organization With More Accurate, More Reliable Trailer Data.

Easily assess truck to trailer utilization over time or by location with tethered status data.

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More accurately model revenue per weighted mile with rear axle weight data.

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Dispatch drivers to healthy trailers and reduce the time they spend searching the yard for a trailer.

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Model TIS alert trends to inform predictive maintenance scheduling.

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“Yes, I can quickly pull together a health overview report.”

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Quickly respond to overactive tire inflations systems to ensure your equipment is safe and back on the road fast.

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At Every Point Along the Way,
FleetPulse Has You Covered


Easily coordinate cargo loading with real-time trailer location and health status


Maximize your tractor-to-trailer ratio and minimize opportunity for cargo theft


Real-time alerts, customized to align with your priorities, give you eyes on your fleet from door-to-door


Data from individual trailer sensors allows you to keep track of your fleet and keep it moving


Real-world, real-time trailer-level data puts more predictability in your maintenance schedules


More uptime, greater productivity, and higher ROI per asset can transform your fleet management and your business

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